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Must Love Gardens

7 Lessons To Grow By


Pam Pooley, a garden designer and writer reflects on 25 years of Garden Love. She has a Landscape design and horticultural care business in Westchester County, New York. A graduate of Amherst College, She likes to keep her hands dirty.  

How to start landscaping

Pam's lessons are straight-forward, starting from how to look at your property to the visual cues and tips to get you confident about landscaping.

Digging Deep

From assessing the characteristics of your landscape to gathering local intel on plants to understanding design principles, such as placement, structure and seasonal interest, Pam's own stories will help illustrate the dos and don'ts for your yard.

Finding your inner Ground

Pam's intuitive approach will make you fall in love with gardening!

Learn the Ground Rules!

LAndscape Love

Develop an eye for the fundamentals of landscape design. Pam reflects on 25 years of gardening at her farmhouse in New York State and shares the lessons she has learned along the way-Must Love Gardens is filled with tips, checklists and insights to help you fall in love with gardening.

Lesson 1: Get Grounded

Lesson 2: Start Inside

Lesson 3: Make a Path

Lesson 4: Keep Focused

Lesson 5: Stay Awake

Lesson 6: Find Balance

Lesson 7: Be Kind